What is the CCRN Certification?

Critical Care Registered Nurse or CCRN certification is granted by the certifying arm of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN). Worldwide, there are more than 99,000 registered nurses who are CCRN certified in adult, neonatal or pediatric nursing. CCRN certification validates nurses expertise in caring for critically ill patients and promotes continuing excellence in the profession of critical care nursing. Along with other specialty certifications, the CCRN contributes to bedside nurse empowerment and decision-making confidence. Certified nurses have demonstrated their competency within their specialty beyond those with entry-level competency and are considered experts. Numerous studies have correlated specialty certification with enhanced knowledge and skills demonstrated by certified nurses.

Benefits of the CCRN

There is an endless amount of information possibly learn in medicine - CCRN certification helps you maintain an up-to-date knowledge base of critical care nursing specific to your day-to-day practice. CCRN nurses are safer, provide better nursing care, and have superior patient outcomes. Research studies link higher levels of clinical knowledge, skill and experience with CCRN certification.

Additionally at certified nurses are also provided additional compensation for their certification, at an additional $2,400 per year

Criteria for Applying for Exam


If you are an AACN member the cost of the exam is $235. If you are not a member, the cost to take the CCRN is $340. Active membership is $78 annually. Therefore it is less expense to become a member and take the exam, for a total of $313. If you are a full time employee and have worked at MSCH for 6 months you can be reimbursed for $235 by submitting your exam receipt and post-exam certification through Concur.

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