Committees - Why Join?

If you are interested, you should consider joining a committee! Committees give you the opportunity to meet with others who have a similar interest, give you a voice in guiding change in the hospital, and can be used as the thirtieth work shift. 

Professional Governance Day 

[1st Wednesday of the Month]
Next Meeting: August 2nd

Magnet Champions

A Magnet Champion is someone committed to patient care excellence and believes in the value of achieving the Magnet distinction, and someone who can champion the Magnet initiative among their colleagues at NYP-BMH.

Current Representative: 

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Meeting ID: 973 4386 8569

Passcode: 417346

Nursing Informatics (NIC) 

To serve as a resource to and promote the role of technology and informatics in the delivery of safe patient care. The council recommeds Informatics solutions to enhance clinical practice and work efficiency. 

Current Representative: Kristen Mcdonagh

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Meeting ID: 998 3603 6319

Passcode: 308731

Staff Advisory Council 

To serve as a forum for staff representatives in collaboration with senior leadership to address topics and concerns, exchange information and enhance employee satisfaction with the ultimate goal of contributing to MSCH's success

Current Representative: 

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Meeting ID: 973 8442 9248

Passcode: 504149

Nursing Practice Council

To define, implement and maintain standards of best nursing research and promote the best evidence based practice (EBP) approach to patient care. The NPC will also communicate and coordinate with the practice and education councils for implementation of EBP. 

Current Representative: 

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Meeting ID: 986 3111 2040

Nursing Quality & Safety

To assist with MSCH's oversight in the areas relating to patient safety, operational and clinical quality, patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, physician satisfaction, risk management and regulatory preparedness and compliance.

Current Representative: 

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Meeting ID: 914 3608 5424

Passcode: 258033

Nursing Operations

Current Representative: 

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Meeting ID: 914 9511 8148

Passcode: 640992

Recruitment, Retention, Recognition, & Respect (R4)

Current Representative: Allison Reynolds

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Meeting ID: 977 2558 3830

Patient Experience

Current Representative: Emily Hamas

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Meeting ID: 989 0525 0862

Passcode: 977148

Research, Evidence-based Practice & Innovation

Current Representative: 

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Meeting ID: 965 9006 5214